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Security Experts on Bar and Nightclub Vulnerabilities - CNBC

August 24, 2016 | Category: News

"Cynthia Harris, a premises liability consultant with THG Consultants, advises her clients about preventative techniques.

Whether it's a bar, nightclub, church or school, business owners need to assess inherent threats to their location based on local crime rates and previous incidents.

'Businesses that are specific to a certain group that has been targeted with hate crimes could continue to be a target,' Harris said. Her firm also suggests that clients take steps to make so-called 'soft targets' less vulnerable.

Harris noted that businesses can strengthen security protocols by instituting pat-downs or metal detection devices at entrances; stipulating that music in the location is turned off during an altercation; and training staff regularly to deal with threats.

Both Smith and Harris said that a major vulnerability for bars and nightclubs, specifically, is the time at which these locations close.

'Clubs have to come to grips that they are very vulnerable at the end of the evening when they are closing,' Harris said, explaining that not only have the patrons at the business likely been drinking, but the staff is nearing the end of their shifts and could be tired and less vigilant.

'The thing you have to look at in these situations is how can you minimize the number of lives lost,' she added."


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