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Cynthia DeLoach


Cynthia DeLoach, Director of Commercial Property Consulting, holds a BA in accounting and has had a career in multi-faceted fields related to commercial property consultancy, development, ownership and management as well as finance and fiduciary responsibility. She has consulted on premises liability issues related to commercial property for the last 20 years and provides oversight for our consultants’ compliance with industry “Best Practices”.

Cynthia leads our consulting team in providing consultations for litigation avoidance to commercial property owners, managers, developers, and risk managers including apartment and condominium communities. Keeping in mind that the best defense is a good offense the consultations focus on processes and documentation to substantiate oversight and compliance with industry guidelines related to threat levels, vulnerabilities and appropriate countermeasures.

Cynthia works tirelessly to deliver solutions for avoiding and defending liability claims.

Cynthia’s audit mindset and creative approach to problem solving brings a unique skill set to THG’s consultancy practice.  

In her free time, Cynthia works with groups organizing fund-raising events for cancer survivors who need financial assistance for devices and additional care.