Premises Liability

THG Consultants is retained by both defendants and plaintiffs in litigation. Our team draws upon our diverse backgrounds to provide lawyers with “outside the box” analysis of complex facts and circumstances. Our experience includes commercial real estate ownership, management and consultancy related to apartments/condominium, accounting, forensic analysis of crime scenes, homeland defense, and military service. We provide our clients with unbiased opinions and deliver clear and straightforward testimony in court.

John Harris and Elizabeth Dumbaugh provide premier expert witness and forensic evaluation services for a wide range of commercial properties including but not limited to apartments/condominiums, bars/nightclubs, hotels, shopping centers/malls, and parking lots/garages. They are practiced in assessing liability across a multifaceted range of circumstances involving negligence, gross negligence, and third party criminal acts and has conducted assessments on commercial properties of crimes including homicide, assault, rape, sexual assault, kidnapping, and robbery. John and Elizabeth conduct independent and in-depth analyses to opine on a broad spectrum of premises liability issues ranging from the adequacy of security measures and property management practices to the hiring and supervision of employees and security personnel. Their expert opinions are informed by security industry best practices and guidelines gained over years of experience in diversified fields related to premises management and security.

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THG Consultants works within a variety of industries related to commercial properties. Our clients are located throughout the United States and its territories; we also consult internationally. For objective, reliable consultation with our experts, call 404.888.0060 or contact our firm online.