Security Assessments | Audits

Drawing on decades of experience in commercial real estate management, consultancy, forensics and financial accountability, THG Consultants assists owners and lenders in the acquisition/disposition process by conducting property site inspections to evaluate compliance with best practices for security aspects of property management as well as a myriad of other related services to ensure that your property is being utilized to its highest and best use for maximum valuation.

Our key tasks when conducting an audit/assessment are as follows:

  • Review rent rates for market rent analysis
  • Audit background checks to ensure that background check parameters are appropriate and documented verification records are archived
  • Survey for deferred maintenance issues on the property
  • Observe and review standard operating procedures to ensure that these procedures are in compliance
  • Train employees on the procedures for incident notification; if incident reporting and notification procedures are not in place we will create a set of procedures for your business