Compliance Reviews

Our compliance review service primarily concerns bars, hotels, and other industries wherein there are a number of security protocols with which the business must comply. The duties and standards of care vary from state to state, and we are available to conduct a thorough and confidential analysis of protocols for your entity:

  • Hotels:
    • key procedures
    • staff training for identifying suspicious persons and activities
    • general fidelity of room access protocols
    • crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)
  • Apartment complexes:
    • employee and tenant background checks
    • controlled access devices and procedures
    • CPTED
  • We audit background checks and standard operating procedures for businesses that employ security guards
    • Security guard training
    • Security guard operating procedures
    • Security guard background check
  • For businesses that do not have any written procedures for their employees to follow, we are available to conduct comprehensive assessments and draft procedures for your use