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About Us

THG Consultants provides consulting services, forensic evaluations, and expert witness testimony. Our clients are organizations seeking solutions for cybersecurity and premises security; property owners/managers looking for strategies for security-related litigation avoidance; attorneys who are involved in premises liability litigation (inadequate/negligent security) requiring the services of consulting and testifying experts. 

Our flagship business, founded by John Harris, provides premises security risk assessments to determine appropriate physical security measures and programs to comply with security industry best practices. For more than 20 years our firm has provided premises security consulting to commercial property owners and managers, risk managers and attorneys.  

Our forensic practice is concentrated in the areas of inadequate/negligent security and negligent hiring, retention and supervision involving assaults, rapes and other violent crimes causing catastrophic injury, or wrongful death at apartments, bars and nightclubs, office buildings, hotels, malls, parking lots, resort properties and other commercial properties. 

Through relationships developed while conducting over 1200 forensic evaluations, we are frequently asked to assist in locating consulting and testifying experts for areas of litigation in addition to inadequate/negligent security. With confidence in our approach to our forensic practice, we have recently expanded with the vision to provide our clients with the same level of integrity, competence, and reliability by affiliating subject matter experts in the areas of cybersecurity and publicly traded securities.  

We are a veteran/woman owned business comprised of consultants/testifying experts who have spent their careers building expertise in their respective fields.

Premises Liability Consulting

  • Assess physical security risks of premises
  • Develop property specific programs for risk mitigation
  • Conduct due diligence related to property operations, maintenance, security programs, leasing, employee hiring, training and supervision
  • Conduct forensic evaluations to make determinations and draw conclusions
  • Opine regarding foreseeability, standards of care and proximate cause

Financial Securities Consulting

  • Evaluate for compliance with requirements related to regulatory documentation, investment objectives and trading activities
  • Produce objective analysis during disputes involving publicly traded securities
  • Provide clients with expert reports for mediation and arbitration
  • Opine regarding excessive trading (churning), excessive markups (commissions) and suitability

Expert Witness Testimony

  • Conduct intensive evaluation, examination, and analysis
  • Prepare expert reports supported by facts
  • Provide unimpeachable expert opinions
  • Defend opinions during cross-examination in depositions and at trial
  • Establish trust with each jury member

Meet Our Experts

John A. Harris, consulting and testifying expert, is board certified in security management and physical security by ASIS International, the world’s largest association for security management professionals. He is also a retired Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a credential that is rare for professionals in the premises liability consulting industry. In addition, Mr. Harris’ expertise is further enhanced from having owned apartment complexes as well as other commercial properties. A court-qualified security expert in federal and state courts, Mr. Harris consults with defense and plaintiff counsel throughout the country in the civil dispute resolution process.

Bob Oram, the head of our securities industry practice, is a seasoned financial services professional who has worked at some of the nation’s largest broker-dealers. Branches managed by Bob underwent successful internal audits as well as audits performed by the NYSE, SEC and CBOE. His supervisory responsibilities included the following: review of all trading activity to assist in identifying potential infractions such as excessive trading (churning), excessive markups (commissions) and unsuitable recommendations. Bob has testified in broker arbitrations at several FINRA arbitrations as well as in civil cases. He left the securities industry after 32 years with a spotless Form U4.

Elizabeth Dumbaugh has 8 years of physical security experience gained while serving as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer in the US Army. During three combat deployments she conducted forensic analysis of blast sights and improvised explosive devices. As a company commander she advised higher commands on threat levels and physical security measures in hostile environments. Elizabeth is a member of ASIS and the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI).

Meet the Team

What We Bring to Litigation

We know the key to successful litigation at trial is a confident jury. An expert witness can make or break your case. Every jury member needs to believe that the expert witness is credible and speaking from years of experience and knowledge in his field. The expert witness must be able to distill complex information and explain it in a way the jury can understand.

We provide our clients with honest assessments of the facts and circumstances during litigation. The premises liability arm of our firm has conducted evaluations of premises liability matters of commercial properties in 43 states as well in Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands and Colombia, South America. We leverage a body of knowledge acquired over 35+ year business careers to inform our clients of all aspects of the issues involved in liability claims.

What We Bring to Mitigation

THG Consultants provides risk mitigation strategies developed through our forensic work and from conducting over 1500 security risk assessments. We offer a full spectrum of comprehensive premise liability security consulting services to a range of commercial property types, including apartment complexes, hotels, bars and restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, parking lots and garages.

What We Bring to Arbitration

THG Consultants offers consulting and expert witness services to individuals and financial institutions dealing with complicated issues and disputes involving publicly traded securities.

Contact THG Consultants

THG Consultants has built a reputation for delivering thorough, independent, and objective consultations, forensic reports and opinions. We have offices in Georgia and Florida, and serve clients nationwide, including Texas, Mississippi, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, to name a few.

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