Physical Security Consulting

Our firm has conducted more than 1,500 risk assessments on various commercial properties. Upon a complete assessment of the property, the business model and other relevant factors, our experts identify vulnerabilities using guidelines from industry best practices. Based upon our security risk analysis, our team makes recommendations regarding risk mitigation.

Our risk assessment/appropriate countermeasures reports are designed to assist property owners in prioritizing security risks so they can address the most pressing matters first. We are not affiliated with companies selling products and do not recommend particular brands of products, so our experts can remain absolutely impartial.

Security Assessments | Audits

After a complete audit of security measures and financial administration, our experienced consultants are licensed professionals who give advice based on physical security best practices and legal standards of care for a particular business, the threat level in the surrounding area, and physical security measures and protocols currently in place.

Our audits and assessments:

  • Calculate whether tenants are being charged the market rent for each unit
  • Audit background checks of every tenant and employee for thoroughness and proper records retention
  • Examine maintenance issues that may impact physical security
  • Ensure that standard operating procedures are up-to-date
  • Develop incident reporting and notification procedures and train employees in policy implementation

Compliance Reviews

Bars, hotels, casinos, cruise ships, and other types of businesses are heavily regulated because of the potential harm to the public. Our experts have substantial experience working with regulated industries and we deliver concrete steps for our clients to remain in compliance. For example, we help hotels develop key procedures and train staff to identify suspicious persons and activities. We assist bar and night club owners with establishing protocols for security personnel and training for all bar employees to identify threatening behaviors.

Consult with Industry Leaders in Commercial Premises Liability

THG Consultants has the specialized knowledge and experience to identify risks, recommend risk mitigation measures, conduct objective audits, and testify in the courts and administrative hearings about commercial property liability. Schedule an appointment with our court-qualified experts by calling 404-888-0060 or contacting our firm online.